Words from the Pastor

              It is certainly a blessing to be pastor of New Haven Baptist Church. I am thankful for the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us! It has been a marvelous thing, to watch many of our members grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has likewise been a blessing to see several young people come to Christ! How great it has been also to see the addition of many new faces. As I ponder the strengths of our church family, one thing that clearly stands out to me is the growth of our youth and children’s department. Likewise, God has certainly blessed us at New Haven with the recent expansion of our fellowship hall, and the addition of 5 large classrooms! At New Haven, we are blessed with a good mixture of all ages who love the Lord, and seek to devote their talents for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. This is my prayer for New Haven, that we will always be a church that glorifies the name of our Lord in our services and in our daily lives. It is my desire likewise that we continue to be one in our efforts and that our hearts will be focused on those around us who are lost. Our endeavor as a church is always to move forward in God’s Grace and grow that we might attain more and more the fullness and stature of Christ! We embrace the Bible as to be the more sure word of Prophecy and stand firm in the belief that God is Sovereign in His Providential Dealings with mankind. If you share these Biblical Truths and are looking for a church home, we lovingly invite you to visit with us at New Haven.
God Bless
Bro. Ron