When my family and I visited New Haven Baptist Church for our first time, we knew that this was a special place.  The love here instantly overwhelmed you, but in a great way. We automatically knew that we wanted to experience more of it.  I have found in life, especially those moments when you may be uncertain or unsure of what direction God may be taking and leading you, to just be still and take a breath and then trust and obey Him completely.   In 2009, I accepted to serve as the Minister of Worship here. Music has always been a part of who I am. It is amazing to me, that God has a plan for each of our lives. The things we may experience in life, whether good or bad, His hand is in it.  The many things that God led me through growing up and experiencing into an adult, has brought me here to New Haven. God is so good and He has a way of preparing us for what is to come. Sometimes we know instantly and other times, we may not even realize what He is planning, until much later.  What a joy and pleasure it has been serving His people at New Haven. May our worship, be pleasing to our Heavenly Father. My prayer is that we at New Haven, continue to grow together in His wonderful grace.

Clint Freeman Minister of Worship